About TCS

We are catalysts of thriving communities, leaders and capital. 

Our vision is an inclusive thriving future for all.

Our mission is to support the creation of local grassroots based communities of robust regenerative local thriving

TCS strongly believes that real wealth is most sustainably produced from thriving local economies. We have learned that the business as usual model of community development no longer works. A new model -- based on the concept of locally produced thriving -- is emerging as the path forward.

Our team’s work history and experience uniquely qualifies us to understand this new path. Through our work in community, business and non-profit settings at the local and national level, we have gained the experience to help you understand and fulfill the requirements of this emerging new pattern.

We believe that community wisdom resides with local leaders. We work as partners to empower these leaders, both visible and invisible, to embody wisdom both remembered and forgotten. We always work from the grassroots up, leveraging local resources which have often been overlooked as sources of value. Our goal is to leverage what’s in place to build organically self-reliant commerce that is resilient and sustainable.

We are catalysts of thriving communities, leaders and capital. We consult with

  • Thriving Leadership - Visible & invisible leaders who seek to lead their communities to produce thriving for everyone
  • Thriving Communities Communities that seek to base economic & community development on producing thriving for everyone.
  • Thriving Capital Providers Qualified impact investors, capital providers, products & tools seeking to use capital to produce thriving for everyone.