Wisdom Leaders

We live in an ever-changing landscape of opportunity fueled by technology. It’s hard to keep up with the events, the language and, most importantly, your identity as everything continues to shift. Although it might feel as if your relevance is diminishing each time the screen refreshes, the truth is that the roots of who you are and your importance to the community deepen with every action.

Your history is key to our future. You are a perennial, the part of the ecosystem with the deepest roots, the slowest growth and the most important role in maintaining the needed diversity of the ecosystem we call community.

Your future is entwined with our shared destiny. As a leader, it’s vital that you deeply align with and embody your own destiny and bring that forward in your organization. 

  • Leaders  Community activists and the activated community residents with an awareness of the need for change. You understand that the present institutions can’t deliver what’s needed. You are:
    • Deeply rooted in community…but need a new story of forward living
    • Aware of the unknowns…but need help forming the questions 
    • A part of the community history…but need to know how to be part of the future
    • Known for your trust capital…but need direction in investing it wisely
    • Committed to creating a thriving community…but need to know how